Pipeline Programs
Nursery - Grade 6 Seamless Chinese Learning

The Young Learner Pipeline Programs are designed for students who wish to learn the Chinese language systematically or want to enter into international Chinese curricula. The programs are suitable for students from Nursery to Grade 6. The courses aim to help students build well-rounded Chinese language skills including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will improve fundamental skills to help them build confidence in their everyday use of Chinese and succeed in school.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Build critical vocabulary base, critical Hanzi base, and strong reading skills
  • Develop a strong understanding of the basic skills needed in the upcoming learning
  • Laying the solid foundation for various future Chinese study paths

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Nursery – PreK: Baby First Chinese

Sample class for Baby First Chinese

Early BB-birds
The class is for 2-3.5 years old toddlers. To hear and reproduce the critical sounds and tonal differences in Mandarin. The lesson is well structured with all kinds of activities. Baby learners will naturally absorb Mandarin through playing with theme-related toys, TPR (Total Physical Response) approaches, songs & rhymes, stories, and hands-on projects. After the Early BB-birds, all the words and phrases learned will be reviewed while will enrich the learners with more scenario sentences introduced and structured. More adjectives, verbs, and useful expressions will be introduced at a higher level class – the Smart BB-birds class.

Sunny BB-birds
Picture2The class is for the 3.5 -4.5 years old children. Mandarin Articulation Building up and Introducing basic Chinese characters recognition, picture book reading, and radical component & stem-character handwriting. The lesson is a carefully structured Chinese language class for early young learners. The entire new roadmap for Chinese language learning will be kicked off under the SREM theory and methodology. Kids will also be guided to do more role-play activities using longer phrases and learn how to ask questions in Mandarin. All types of teaching/learning aids and fun activities for young learners to be enriched Chinese learning. Theme-related songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts, and the total physical response approaches will be fully applied to enhance class performance. Click below Read More to see the Materials and learning aids used in the Baby First Chinese class.

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PreK – Grade 6: My Fun Chinese & Inquiry of Chinese

For pre-K and elementary school learners, My Fun Chinese and Inquiry of Chinese programs are carefully designed and conducted using our well-designed and published textbooks and workbooks. The lessons start with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning and are taught under the innovative SREM theory and methodology. All selective materials and fun activities are adopted for the young learners to enrich Chinese language learning. Theme-related songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts, and the Total Physical Response approaches will be fully applied for enhancing the class’s performance.

My Fun Chinese classes focus on Mandarin articulation foundation building up plus an introduction to the Chinese Characters Alphabet (CCA), Stem-radical characters, Stem-characters recognition, and basic handwriting. The class is 80-90% for listening and speaking practice v.s. 10-20% for written format recognition practice. The classes are full of dialogues, acting through theme songs, and theme stories’ role-play. Students learn how to form Hanzi (Chinese characters) by the CCA, Stem-radicals, and Stem-characters, and be familiarized with stroke orders.

Inquiry of Chinese lessons is enriched and extends the core content in My Fun Chinese, in the same learning

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Grade 6 – 8: My Smart Chinese

This is a carefully designed Chinese course for early teenagers. It is suggested that children with no Mandarin background should go through the Fundamental programs My Fun Chinese (for non-native speakers), Inquiry of Chinese (for near-native speakers), or workshops such as Chinese Language Kickoff, Daily Chinese Q&A or Chinese Phonetic, and so on before they sign up for the My Smart Chinese course.

My Smart Chinese
The course starts with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning. The class will be taught under the SREM theory and methodology. All sorts of teaching and learning aids and interactive activities for young teen learners will enrich Chinese language learning. Theme-related text, fun stories, arts & crafts, and the total physical response approaches will be fully applied to enhance the class’s performance. Chinese Writing Starting will be introduced at a later stage in the course, such as Describing pictures in speaking and writing, memo, short email and stories, and so on. The MSC course is head for the international Chinese examination course like I/GCSE, SAT, and so on.

My Smart Chinese – Beyond

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