Inquiry of Chinese (Heritage full set)

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“Inquiry of Chinese Exploration” is specially designed and written for children from preschool to elementary school whose Chinese is nearly native. The content selection is accurate, the level of difficulty is designed in a reasonable and balanced manner, the stem links are arranged appropriately, the teaching activities are designed scientifically, and the illustrations are vivid and exquisite. It is very suitable for children’s age, mental and natural language acquisition, and development. This is a pillar choice for acquiring a foundation in the Chinese language.

According to the age and mental development of the young, “Inquiry of Chinese Exploration” sets four levels of language acquisition promotion as my first life, my first activities, my first school, and my first society. At the same time, the language acquisition categories are separately but connective expanded. The five major links of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and consolidation review are correlated recapped, enhanced, and extended.

“Inquiry of Chinese Exploration” paperback, with daily words and key sentences, pictures plus Chinese and English pinyin, double-sided flashcards, and audios for daily words and key sentences, theme songs, theme short stories, etc., around the theme of daily life, expand the basic stage of Chinese Learn. The complete set of textbooks can be used in conjunction to enable children to acquire a solid and sustainable Chinese foundation. Chinese exploration textbooks are not only suitable for classroom teaching, but also very suitable for homeschooling learning and practice.