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As a team of standing teaching front-line for so many years, we understand there are far fewer instructional Chinese resources that well address the learning needs of the young. Teachers of Chinese feel there are not many suitable materials in the market for them to use to teach their young students to ensure teaching success. And non-Chinese-speaking parents feel frustrated and disconnected from what their children learning and how are progressing.

Keeping these in mind, and referring to our nearly 30 years of Chinese language teaching experience, BM has successfully published a range of dedicated textbooks that are suitable for teachers of Chinese, the young learners, and their parents’ supervision of both in-class instruction and home learning.

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MFC - I Can Read series

MFC - I Can Write series

My Fun Chinese - Vocabulary 1-2-3 Flashcards

My Fun Chinese - Characters 1-2-3 Flashcards

Characters 1-2-3

HK$ 296.00

MFC - I Can Speak - Green series

MFC - I Can Speak - Red series