Custom Programs

Students diversify races and each individual student has their own language acquisition obstacles when learning a non-native language. These obstacles have different characteristics and forms when students are from different age groups and at different learning stages. Those, and especially those hidden obstacles they are facing, require targeted coaching guidance and teaching solutions and require professional teaching personnel and professional experience to perceive and provide appropriate solutions.

Beijing Mandarin has been in the industry for 30 years and has a high level of professional experience and knowledge. We not only have rich teaching experience in the major but have also developed and published a large series of Chinese textbooks "My Fun Chinese". Our students come from many countries and races. We have considerable experience in teaching children with a lower level of learning disabilities. For students from different races and the learning needs of each, we can definitely provide excellent, effective, and tailor-made Chinese teaching programs, as well as effective and personalized courses. Beijing Mandarin can provide tailor-made courses for students in need and deliver them online and/or locally.

School Work Tuition

The students in the school’s Chinese courses, the class size is relatively large, and the level of students is uneven. Facing the different learning abilities and different learning characteristics of many students, teachers can easily ignore one another. Students who absorb fast can feel bored; students who absorb slower can’t keep up with the progress of their studies and quickly become afraid of difficulties. This can easily restrict the development of the Chinese ability of more students. BM’s Mandarin Chinese tutoring courses can effectively improve this situation and make students’ Mandarin Chinese learning more effective.

BM offers the following two Mandarin Chinese tutoring courses:

  1. Regular Mandarin Chinese courses for lower grade students
  2. Comprehensive courses and special courses for higher grades students, such as writing, reading comprehension, etc.

Please contact us to arrange a free Chinese assessment for your child. We guarantee to tailor an effective Mandarin course for your child.

I/GCSE, SAT/APII, YCT/HSK Intl Chinese Exams Preparation

As specializing in the Chinese language since 1992 we are passionate about teaching the Chinese language and culture. We have been studying the major international Chinese examinations. And we keep close attention to the changes that the examinations board has made. Our expertise in international exams and well-organized syllabuses puts us at the forefront of successful student exam preparation.

Please contact us so let us provide your child with a high-quality, tailor-made test preparation program.

Onsite Lessons

Get the most from our Custom Made Program

Beijing Mandarin provides two tailor-made courses, 1:1 and 1:2/3, which are delivered by our highly experienced and soft-spoken native Chinese teachers.  The courses are taught by Chinese teachers who are well-experienced, higher education, and very patient. The course materials completely use the exclusive textbooks and teaching aids developed by our Beijing Mandarin academic team. Along with the course going, teachers and parents communicate and give feedback easily. Students will receive learning evaluation reports on a regular basis. The reports include learning progress and point out the student’s need to improve.

The benefits of private lessons

  1. Customized lessons plan caters to individual needs
  2. More time and attention focused on individual learning characteristic
  3. Increase your child’s confidence
  4. Flexible and convenient
  5. Exclusive learning materials


Online Classes

Get our quality program online

With online studying, students can still get our quality program online and learn effectively. Our online lessons allow the student to connect with an experienced teacher for private lessons or/and small group tuition to help our students master drilling tactics or provide regular training and thrive in exam preparation.

Why choose our online lessons

  1. Good quality class tutoring
  2. Flexible schedule and convenient
  3. Interactive learning with classmates and teacher
  4. Customized lessons plan caters to individual needs
  5. Exclusive learning materials