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Inquiry of Chinese 中文探索

For overseas Chinese heritage learners, the Inquiry of Chinese is specially designed for them.

I Can Speak Chinese 我会说汉语

Keywords, key sentences, and chitchat scaffold the speaking. Theme song singing to develop students' oral rhythm. Theme story for students' articulation development.

Chinese 1-2-Tree 香蜜中文树

Chinese 1-2-Tree, A Scaffold Leveled Reading Platform. It is a must Stem Core leveled reading scheme for growing young learners' Chinese literacy.

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Learning Materials

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Character Alphabet 偏旁字干卡

Get your child easily started to recognize Hanzi by using the Chinese Character Alphabet. From 6-root-stroke to reading develop the Chinese written form gradually.

种豆芽 - Level 4N - A Free Scaffold Leveled Reading Sample

Chinese-1-2-Tree scaffold leveled reading platform, the proprietary of Beijing Mandarin, will be launched soon. Here is a sample ebook enlisted in Level 4N that you can download for free.

A Must Chinese Text Leveling Tool

Assigning reading tasks to Children readers can be tricky. Here this Chinese Text Measurement tool is propertied published by Beijing Mandarin and is free for all visitors.

Announcement: Inquiry of Chinese Series Has Been Published

We are proudly announcing that the Inquiry of Chinese 中文探索 series has been published! Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students. We are…

Beijing Mandarin Is 28 Years Old Now

Dear Beijing Mandarin, Happy birthday to you! Your birthday is a very special day that could not go unnoticed. All…

Closure Notice For Our Holidays In 2019 Xmas & 2020 New Year

Dear Parents and Students, To celebrate the 2019 Christmas and 2020 New Year, our centres will be closed from Dec…

Thank You All Our Friends, New And Old In 2019 NCLC Gathering

Dear All, A wonderful experience again for Beijing Mandarin to attend the 2019 National Chinese Language Conference organized by College Board…

Closure Notice For Our Holidays In 2018 Xmas & 2019 New Year

Dear Parents and Students, To celebrate the 2018 Christmas and 2019 New Year, our centres will be closed from Dec…

Baby First Chinese 芽乐汉语, ENROLL NOW FOR TERM 8 JAN – 29 MAR 2019

Our featured program Baby First Chinese 芽乐汉语, 3-month interval, its new class opens for registration. Ages: 2.0-3.5 years old Date:…

Beijing Mandarin News Release!!!

We are excited to announce that Beijing Mandarin is kicking off a new adventure, bringing our leveled reading program online,…

We Are Moving To A New Building 我们要搬新家喽

Dear students and parents,   Re: Moving Notice   With effect from 1st Oct 2018, BEIJING MANDARIN will be moved…

Annual Discount Chinese Summer Camp Is Open For Registration!

Quality Chinese programs at Beijing Mandarin, the annual 8-week summer discount camp is now open for registration! Duration: July 03…