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Q: What is the Chinese 1-2-Tree?

A: The Chinese 1-2-Tree is a leveled reading scheme specially designed for international children aged 4-15

Q: What does the Chinese 1-2-Tree do for your child?

A: Chinese 1-2-Tree, Grow Your Child’s’ Chinese Fluency.

Q: How does the Chinese 1-2-Tree Help Your Child to Achieve?

A: Chinese 1-2-Tree, it is a must Stem Core reading materials for your child’s’ Chinese.


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Chinese 1-2-Tree is specially designed for Pre K to Grade 8 learners to learn the Chinese language in an age-appropriate and leveled-progressive way through different resources and tools.

It improves the child’s Chinese language ability by providing research-based resources that promise to provide quality and effectiveness. It also provides digital deliverability to the student’s which makes learning the Chinese language fun by practicing the language online providing teachers ease to monitor each student individually with more effectiveness.

Chinese 1-2-Tree also provides instructional support which is very helpful and specifically designed for teachers to make instruction more effective. Chinese 1-2 Tree also provides unmatched value by providing both its teachers and students with high-quality resources both useful and effective for classroom and home learning. With a low and affordable cost students can improve their skills utilizing Chinese 1-2-Tree.

Chinese 1-2-Tree consists of the following features

  • Differentiated Resources and Leveled ReadWorks.
  • Used for Blended and Personalized reading.
  • Leveled e-Quizzes and eBooks for reading practices.

High-quality leveled books, skill-building resources, and more

The features of student-centric and teacher-centric resources are combined in Chinese 1-2-Tree which delivers timesaving and affordable learning for both home and school. Chinese 1-2-Tree consists of a variety of activities including skill-building activities, instructional support, and impactful reading experience for every student. It also consists of a library of leveled books.

From 6-root-stroke to the leveled reading of Chinese, a progressive leveled ReadWorks approach to literacy in digital, and printable interactive format is delivered by Chinese 1-2-Tree.

Reading skills are adapted by students in a more efficient way when assessments, practices, and instructions are informed and blended by the data. Chinese 1-2-Tree is also a blended platform that joins teacher-drove entire class and little gathering instruction with technology-empowered resources for customized reading practice.

All these resources can be accessed online and are available in digital and printable formats to fortify the association between what is being educated and what students practice independently.

Chinese 1-2-Tree works in the following way

  • Teacher or homeschooling parent signup
  • Add students in the classroom
  • Teacher or parent arrange practice time, practice activities, and pacing
  • Parent or guardian supervise their child(ren) learning and receive report regularly

Your child becomes fluent and learns the Chinese language more effectively here in Chinese 1-2-Tree.

Chinese 1-2-Tree provides award-winning and affordable resources that are designed to improve the Chinese language skills of the students. For Free Samples please request by clicking the button below.


Chinese 1-2-Tree provides its users with the following features in the free trial

  • Instant access of Chinese 1-2-Tree award-winning products
  • Differentiated resources and leveled books for personalized learning of the language
  • Quizzes and leveled books for online reading practices.
  • Daily Words’ reading and Step stone reading with online practice.