My Fun Chinese (Non heritage full set)

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My Fun Chinese 苗乐汉语 range is specially designed to be engaging in pre-K and lower primary school students. The range teaches Chinese to young students in an age-appropriate and fun style, consistent with inquiry and response-based methods.

MFC consists of five featured titles: I Can Speak 我会说, in 8 sets (each set contains 4 books with Audio files), teaches commonly used spoken Chinese phrases and key sentences in thematic, plus for the daily practice of the flashcards sets Vocabulary 1-2-3 日用词句卡, they both featuring for oral learning.

I Can Read 我会认 1-6 and I Can Write 我会写 1-6, teach basic written Chinese for Hanz 汉字 recognition, understanding, and handwriting. Plus for the daily practice of Characters 1-2-3 偏旁字干卡 flashcards, they are featuring for the fundamental written format learning.

The books and flashcards combined to create a solid foundation for Chinese language learning; allowing young learners to develop their ability in easy-adapted, daily life-interrelated and fun-methodical, not only works for class instructions but also suitable for home practice. My Fun Chinese 苗乐汉语 teaching & learning range is one of the best-developed materials to help young children cross-culturally and across the globe learn the essentials of basic Chinese.