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Sample Class for Baby First Mandarin


Area Time Activities
Centre Time 2-5 mins to the class Students Arrival. Teachers greet. Small Q & A daily talks individually while making observations and assessments.
Warm-Up 5 mins Warm-up activities such as daily routine talks, the learned rhymes, play theme-related toys or objects, and so on.
Circle Time 15 mins Say it! Theme vocabulary and sentence building, theme story reading, and sharing or/ theme song singing,
Small talks Q &A related to the theme story or the song
Focused Topic Learning 20 mins In-depth thematic learning, with daily vocabulary, key verb, daily used-command, and patterns building. For the Smart BB class, there will be a little introduction to CCA (Chinese character Alphabet), strokes puzzle up playing
Exercise Time 15 mins In-depth thematic learning/speaking consolidation through pictures, toys, games, and Arts & handcrafts
Finger rhymes / Show & Tell
Playtime 20 mins Roleplay & little drama. Felt or magnetic board activity and play home activities for the thematic
Stamps & Stickers 7 mins Do it and say it: theme vocabulary and key sentence last revision
Tidy Up 3 mins Listen to the teacher and help to put things back and get his/her own things in the bag
Pick-up Time 2-5 mins Sharing with the parents and say good-bye.