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About Us

About Us

Beijing Mandarin 北话学堂, a well-developed Hong Kong-based Chinese language school, has been dedicated to its commitment to high-quality Mandarin Chinese teaching and instructional publication since its establishment in 1992. BM strives to instill the knowledge, motivation, and attitudes that enable young students of Mandarin Chinese to become confident communicators.

Our intricately structured Young Learner Chinese (YLC) stem pipeline program paves the way for Nursery – Grade 8 students’ to acquire significant Chinese language skills and personal growth via our Hong Kong in-person classes, online live classes, and short-term immersion programs, all of which support and verify the quality of our instructional publications.

What is special about Beijing Mandarin?

  • We have a 30+ year history with a demonstrated record of success in Hong Kong
  • Our innovative SREAM methodology has been proven to increase Chinese language learning speed 2-3 times over the conventional method
  • We have created a scaffolded curriculum specially designed for international children learning Chinese
  • We publish the highly-ranked My Fun Chinese and Chinese 1-2-Tree curricula and provide accompanying teaching resources for international Chinese learners
  • We offer educators the first comprehensive, AI-supported, our proprietary Chinese text leveling system that enables teachers to select the right texts for each stage and student

We actively pursue excellence and continual growth in our instructional publications, delivering high-quality Chinese curricula and resources to many highly-ranked international schools in the world.