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KIDS Program

Our Curriculum

Innovative Chinese Acquisition Pathway for Young Learners

For Oral Chinese Learning, we start with making use of the Pinyin approach to engage students and develop their skills; For Written Chinese, we create the Chinese Character Alphabet which gives young learners’ an easier start; Up along with the Innovative Learning Pathway we help students to achieve better learning results with more efficiency.

Learning Journey in Beijing Mandarin

By referring to the national standard of Chinese language education for K12 in China, Beijing Mandarin has developed and enhanced seamless programs that can fulfill the short-term goal and long-term goals of international students ages 2 to 14 learning Chinese. The curriculum is structured in pipelines around three STREAMS (Chinese ab initio, language B, Language A). The instructions take place all year long via two means, online and onsite in our teaching centres in Hong Kong.

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