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Sep 11 2018

Beijing Mandarin News Release!!!

We are excited to announce that Beijing Mandarin is kicking off a new adventure, bringing our leveled reading program online, and bringing Beijing Mandarin to another level.

Following the highly-ranked publications My Fun Chinese series (2013-2016) and its heritage series the Inquiry of Chinese (2020), Beijing Mandarin now invests in developing our classroom using Chinese leveled reading as an online interactive platform.

The Chinese 1-2-Tree is the trademark for this online Chinese leveled reading. It has been created and edited from more than 20 years of frontline teaching experience. The leveled reading materials used 3000-Hanzi which is the fundamental Hanzi bank for Chinese literacy. The Chinese 1-2-Tree is leveled into 9 levels and broken further down to 35 levels.

The Chinese 1-2-Tree will be launched soon. We promise it will impact the written form acquisition for the Chinese language and will bring learners of Chinese to a very different stage. Please, stay tuned for updates. We welcome all parties to contact us for discussion.

Best wishes,

Beijing Mandarin
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