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Aug 14 2016

Dear Friends and Parents,

We, Beijing Mandarin, have been a part of the Hong Kong Island community since 1992. We have been pursuing to provide good Chinese programs since our inception. As an expert in this field, we hope we can help your little ones’ Chinese learning to get the most out of their valuable language acquisition period. By following our properly arranged learning pathways, all students will enjoy a fun but essential and systematic Chinese curriculum.

All year long, we offer the Young Learners Chinese (YLC) pipeline program as follows. We assure you the program has well referred from our more than 20 years of experience in Beijing Mandarin.

Baby First Mandarin 芽乐普通话中文: Age 2-4
My Fun Chinese 苗乐普通话中文: Age 4-8
My Smart Chinese 田乐普通话中文: Age 9-12
Int’l Chinese Exams Preparation 国际中文考试预备课程: Age 12-15

Welcome to book a trial class at

For more information please visit our website
Thank you! Look forward to receiving your kids joining our program.


Sincerely yours,
Laura WANG
Beijing Mandarin (H.K.)
2865 1660


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