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- Baby First Chinese

1. Early BB-birds
The class is for 2-3.5 years old toddler. To hear and to reproduce the critical sounds and tonal differences in Mandarin. The lesson is well structured with all kinds of activities. Baby learners will naturally absorb Mandarin through playing with theme-related toys, TPR (Total Physical Response) approaches, songs & rhymes, stories, and hands-on projects. After the Early BB-birds, all the words and phrases learned will be reviewed while will enrich the learners with more scenario sentences introduces and structured. More adjectives, verbs, and useful expressions will be introduced at a higher level class – Smart BB-birds class.

2. Sunny BB-birds 
Picture2The class is for 3.5 -4.5 years old child. Mandarin Articulation Building up and Introducing basic Chinese characters recognition, picture book reading, and radical component & stem-character handwriting. The lesson is a carefully structured Chinese language class for early young learners. The entire new roadmap for Chinese language learning will be kicked off under the SREM theory and methodology. Kids will also be guided to do more role-play activities using longer phrases and learn how to ask questions in Mandarin. All types of teaching/learning aids and fun activities for young learners to be enriched for Chinese learning. Theme-related songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts, and the total physical response approaches will be fully applied to enhance class performance.

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Classes will use our own well-developed range “Baby First Mandarin 芽乐汉语”. There are 20 core units plus Baby Talk 芽芽学语 for children to learn in the class. Along with the class theme, the pictorial carton books, hands-on toys, and so on will be used for supporting the class instruction. The Montessori approaches will be adopted for facilitating little children’s Chinese language learning in class.


Tips & advice for parents:
At this stage, it is important for toddlers to start to use the vocabulary they have learned. To listen and to sing the rhymes they have learned. This practice should be done both in class and at home for well embedding the Chinese sounds.

Take-home materials include the workbook which shows the main taught content in the class. Guide the toddler to keep the bag and the workbook together can be built the identification for his or her Chinese learning. The sound files for the class will be sent through the registered email address. The sound files should be played outside the class as much as possible. It is encouraged to create a routine for the listening (e.g. breakfast time, bedtime, bath time, in the car, etc.) during the day.

Please do not test or force kids to repeat in Mandarin if they are not comfortable about it. As long as children have enough exposure to Mandarin, they will feel comfortable and start to be responsive in Mandarin.

* It is suggested that child finishes Baby First Mandarin with no Mandarin background can sign up for courses My Fun Chinese (if has no Asian language background at home) and Inquiry of Chinese (if has Chinese language background).


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