KIDS Program

Young Learners Chinese 幼小系统课程
Pipeline Program

General Information for KIDS Program

By following the national standard of Chinese language education (China), we customize the curriculum and tailor-made programs that will fulfill the short term goal and long-term goal for the international young learners. Our courses are pipelined which are instructed all year long via two means, WebCampus online and Residential offline.

My Smart Chinese 田乐普通话

This is carefully designed Chinese course for the early teenagers. It is suggested that children

Baby First Chinese 芽乐普通话

1. Early BB-birds: The class is for 2-3.5 years old toddler. To hear and to reproduce the

My Fun Chinese 苗乐普通话

My Fun Chinese and My Fun Chinese-Higher are carefully designed Chinese course for the early

My Fun Chinese 苗乐普通话 Higher

This is an enhanced Chinese course for the early young learners who can manage the Chinese

Taylor-Made Tuitions 定制课程

Besides the courses stated below, the programs may be customized at any time in response to individual’s request and needs, such as oral Chinese drill, articles writing, vocational learning and so on. Please feel free to consult with us.

Int’l Chinese Exams Preparation

As specializing in Chinese subject since 1992 we are passionate about teaching Chinese language

School Work Tuitions

General tuition to support lower primary students Comprehensive tuition  to support

Advanced Chinese

This program sets as native-like Chinese course which means the program are for those students

Convenient Punch Card

To meet students’ who need irregular and instinct support for their Chinese learning, Punch