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- My Fun Chinese & Inquiry of Chinese

For pre-K and elementary school learners, My Fun Chinese and Inquiry of Chinese courses are carefully designed and conducted. The lessons start with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning and are taught under the innovative SREM theory and methodology. All selective materials and fun activities are adopted for the young learners enriched Chinese language learning. Theme-related songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts, and the Total Physical Response approaches will be full applied for enhancing the class’s performance.

1. My Fun Chinese class focus on Mandarin articulation foundation building up plus an introduction to the Chinese Characters Alphabet (CCA), Stem-radical characters, Stem-characters recognition, and basic handwriting. The class is 80-90% for listening and speaking practice v.s. 10-20% for written format recognition practice. The classes are full of dialogues, acting through theme songs and theme stories’ role-play. Students learn how to form Hanzi (Chinese characters) by the CCA, Stem-radicals, and Stem-characters, and be familiarized with stroke orders.

2. Inquiry of Chinese lessons enriches and extends the core content in My Fun Chinese, in the same learning scope and sequence. Selectively picture books support reading are for Chinese language comprehension, re-structuring phrases by understanding the context, and basic characters writing. A normal class is 40-50% for oral practice v.s. 60-50% for the written practice. Picture book reading and regular writing homework are assigned for consolidation.



Theme materials and supplementary
The theme materials we are proud to offer the class our own well-developed fine material range “My Fun Chinese and Inquiry of Chinese”. The picture and leveled reading scheme are support materials for the core content thematic learning.


Take-home materials include workbooks and handouts (with Mandarin, English, and Pinyin) to strengthen children’s Mandarin vocabulary and sentence structures. The sound files taught in class will be sent through the registered email address. The sound files should be played outside the class as much as possible. It is encouraged to create a routine for the listening (e.g. breakfast time, bedtime, bath time, in the car, etc.) during the day.


Tips & Advice for Parents
At this stage. It is important for students to start to use full sentences they have learned to respond. This practice should be done both in class and at home. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to review the content stated in the workbook with their kids. Instead of asking “What is this in Mandarin?” Parents should try to say “Zhe shi shen me?” in an examine tone.


Pathway for Stem Pipeline Program at Beijing Mandarin

it is suggested that children with no Mandarin background should go through the basic courses, such as Early BB-birds (2-3.5 YO) and Smart BB-birds (3.5-4.5 YO) before they sign up for My Fun Chinese and Inquiry of Chinese courses.


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Item: - My Fun Chinese & Inquiry of Chinese