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news-image Mar 10 2017

Peilin Lee (Jumpstart Mandarin Learning Centre)

I have always felt that most early childhood Mandarin learning materials available on the market lack system. Too much emphasis is placed on individual stories or topics, and too little has been done in staging the vocabulary and sentence structures. Our center started incorporating the “My Fun Chinese” series in our curriculum and teaching a few years ago. Being a linguist and language teacher for 20 years, I truly appreciate the author’s effort in taking learners’ needs into consideration following every step of her design.

In “I Can Read” and “I Can Write”, the teaching of the six basic strokes, the association of the radicals, and the block building of the words to create meaningful sentences are all ingenious. As well, I believe all the users/teachers would love the quality of song lyrics, sentence patterns, and the Q&A practice in each unit of “I Can Speak”.

I know this may sound exaggerating but I really feel “My Fun Chinese” is the first Mandarin learning series for kindergarten to lower primary that makes sense.