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May 13, 2019

Thank you all friends, new and old in 2019 NCLC gathering

Dear All,


A wonderful experience again for Beijing Mandarin to US 2019 National Chinese Language Conference organized by College Board and Asia Society, this is the 7th years of Beijing Mandarin gathering in educators of Chinese language from all over the world to exchange ideas and sharing pedagogies on Chinese education.


Thank you all friends, new and old we have just met in 2019 NCLC. From bottom of our heart, we would like to express how grateful we are for meeting you in San Diego, NCLC 2019. All your kind supports and advices are the main reasons for a successful showcase of My Fun Chinese and pre-announcement of Chinese12Tree. We sincerely thank you all very much for rewarding us this wonderful experience for a better development.


Special thanks to Leon Liang our head of marketing and Ou Yang our head of IT for teaming up with Laura Wang our Author and Principal of Beijing Mandarin on our Chinese12Tree pre-launch experiment, and for their contribution to make this event even better than ever, appreciate all three dedication to make Beijing Mandarins improved, and Chinese12Tree will definitely not possible without them!


For those who have registered as a tester ( for trying our Chinese12Tree platform, we hope you have got the gift as promised – Inverted Pyramid Double-sided Teaching/Learning Poster of 200 Basic Chinese Radical & Characters. We thank you very much for your interest. You will be contacted for the next. Please stay tune.


All friends, for sure we will see each other soon. Wish you all a successful and fruitful future in Chinese education development!


Love your,

Beijing Mandarin Team

NCLC 2019全美中文大会的朋友们:


大学理事会和亚洲协会举办的2019 年NCLC全美中文大会上,北话学堂再有精彩展现。2019 NCLC,这是北话学堂第七年于此盛会与来自世界各地的汉语教育者欢聚一堂,交流先进的中文教育思想和分享宝贵的一线汉语教学经验。


感谢所有刚在2019年NCLC会面的新老朋友。内心深处,我们想表达我们对在圣地亚哥,NCLC 2019与您相遇的感激之情。您所有的支持和建议是我们得以成功展出“苗乐汉语”和预展“香蜜中文树”的重要原因。非常感谢各位给予我们的美好经历,让我们可以获得更好的发展。


特别感谢我们的市场负责人Leon Liang和我们的IT负责人欧阳,以及我们的作者和北话学堂负责人Laura Wang团队,感谢三位的致力贡献让北话学堂得到重要的提升,而没有他们,香蜜中文树更是绝对不可能成功!


已经注册成为香蜜中文树测试官的(,希望您已经收到了我们的礼物 – 200基础偏旁汉字倒金字塔双面教学/学习海报。非常感谢您的关注。我们会在不久的将来和您联系。敬请关注。