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Jun 20 2002

Running Mandarin Program in Hong Kong International Sschool

Hong Kong International School is the one of leading international schools in Hong Kong. It is our privilege to cooperate with HKIS for the Mandarin program. Our team in the office, Miss Chloe Chan (Dean) and Miss Stephanie Leung (Administrative Officer), would fully support us to ensure the program is run successfully.

The Mandarin program has started. The lessons of the first 2 days have been run smoothly and the experience strengthens our confidence in teaching our students beneficially.

We appreciate any comments and instructions from the school so that we could do our best to work out the teaching requirement and the expectation of the program.


July 07, 2020

Announcement: Inquiry of Chinese Series Has Been Published


March 03, 2020

Beijing Mandarin Is 28 Years Old Now

December 12, 2019

Closure Notice For Our Holidays In 2019 Xmas & 2020 New Year

May 05, 2019

Thank You All Our Friends, New And Old In 2019 NCLC Gathering