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Aug 03 2013

Congratulation! Chinese Character Alphabet has been successfully registered in China!


Big applause to author Laura Wang and her team at Beijing Mandarin!!!


With honor and pride, here we announce that the Chinese Character Alphabet originated by Laura Wang and her Beijing Mandarin team has completed its National Registration successfully!

How to utility the Chinese Character Alphabet to kick a start Chinese READ and Write learning effectively and efficiently, we are more than happy to welcome any inquiries or discussions.

Contact Author team:
WeChat: laura310


July 07, 2020

Announcement: Inquiry of Chinese Series Has Been Published


March 03, 2020

Beijing Mandarin Is 28 Years Old Now

December 12, 2019

Closure Notice For Our Holidays In 2019 Xmas & 2020 New Year

May 05, 2019

Thank You All Our Friends, New And Old In 2019 NCLC Gathering