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Jun 08 2001

We Cast National TV Show for Celebrating the June 1st Children Festival on CCTV Channel 1

Entrusted and endorsed by the Children Center of China and CCTV Channel 1, Beijing Mandarin responded to an excellent program within Hong Kong SAR to participate in the national TV show for celebrating the June 1st Children Festival.

Four children were chosen from Lingnan Primary School, they performed the show “Happy Start” in the presence of the National Leader Mr. Hu Jintao, Ms. Wu Yi, and 4000 other guests from all over the country in the Great Hall of the People Beijing on June 1st, 2001. The show “Happy Start” Children Festival 2001 was broadcast by CCTV Channel 1 worldwide.

We express our great appreciation to Lingnan Primary School for their support, from the school administration to the parents and the students. Their great support, companionship, and their hard practice have contributed to the success of the big event. Congratulations on the great shows.

This is our 1st exploration of China with our students out of Hong Kong. Here we announce our 1st summer camp in Beijing will open enrollment soon!!!



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