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China’s economy has been gradually going strong. It commonly believes that China is likely to become the world’s largest economy body in the foreseeable future. Nowadays Chinese language has become one of the foreign languages that people among the world are eager to learn for more opportunities to communicate with China in the future.


After a period of Chinese study, usually students would want to know their level of Chinese proficiency. Some of these students and parents also want to get a Chinese Proficiency Certificate to add a weighty to their profile for higher education or career preparations.


At present, the examination boards around the world have hold Chinese language exams at different levels of difficulty, address to different type of learners profiles. These Chinese exams are diverse and daunting. These make students and parents feel very confused in the process of choosing which Chinese test is suitable for them to take.


The exams listed below are the basic introductions to some well-known international Chinese exams in the world. Visitors who need more information about the specific exam, please visit the official website of each exam by clicking the link on the page