School & Class Policies

(For programs held in Hong Kong, Effective in January 2015)


  • The new registration will be processed immediately for the level appropriate entry placement and for reserving the space in Beijing Mandarin’s program with a refundable deposit HK$500.00
  • The enrolment will be successful only when the Enrollment Form is completed, signed and returned by the student’s parent/guardian with a refundable deposit HK$500.00 and full tuition fees enclosed


  • Our Program follow grade level curriculum for Chinese studies Pre K-12. Our courses, regardless of the types (e.g. modules, private lessons), are designed to be continuous for any individual subject for maximum benefit. We assume that the student will continue the course from term to term unless we are notified otherwise in writing. In order to not affect your child’s learning, all COURSES will be conducted on the following term as usual for late payment and tuition fees will be charged as usual. Parents make payment on time is highly appreciated
  • Tuitions Fees: for Young Learners Chinese Pipelines Program, the fees are charged on monthly or termly basis; for School Work Tuition or Customized Program, the fees are charged on monthly or packaged basis; for Featured Course/Workshop, the fees are collected in full amount as well as the Punch Card (contains 10 times for a 30 mins instant individual tuition upon the appointment)
  • For fees charged in package for the discount, it contains a certain amount of sessions for the lessons so as to meet the varieties of the learning needs and the budgets. The class time and its validation in duration for the package are set for to meet individuals’ learning pace. For details please check with us
  • Materials costs are excluded from the tuition fees, unless specified
  • All payment should be made before the first class due day for the term. For students who enroll partway through the term, parents may either pay pro rata for the remaining classes for the term or arrange a few catch-up private classes to achieve the same level as the other students in the class
  • For payment we accept bank transfers, credit cards/paypal or cheques. The information in details for making the payment is stated in the invoices for your easier reference


  • We require a refundable deposit of $500 per student in order to reserve the space in Beijing Mandarin
  • Your deposit will be returned, provided you give no less than 21 days written notice before the student’s last class. The deposit refund will be arranged within one month after the last class due day
  • For the deposit unclaimed within 12 months after the student’s last class, the deposit shall be forfeited and retained by Beijing Mandarin


  • We regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, refund for classes already paid for. As an alternative, make-up classes can be arranged within the pre-paid period
  • We require 21 days written notice prior to the date the student is leaving, or fees will be charged as usual. Where 21 days written notice is given, your $500 program deposit and any remaining pre-paid tuition fees will be credited to your account for your future use
  • For payment for the discounted packaged program, however, the remaining pre-paid tuition fees can be refund with HK$500 administration fees applied and the discount will be forfeited for the refund


  • The schedule of the classes for the paid term once is accepted and confirmed by the student, the classes should be due as it is. The change, cancellation and the make up for a class has to be confirmed by both parties prior to the scheduled class 24 hours at least
  • Changes the student/parent(s) make to a scheduled class due to a student’s inability to attend for reasons such as school activities, field trips, sickness (unless a doctor’s note is provided) or activities scheduling conflicts, we charge a $50 administrative fee for each change request made starting from the 2nd within the paid term


  • If the student is absent without a notice 24 hours prior to the class due time, the full fee will be charged and there will be no refunds, credits and no make-up to be arranged. Fees cannot be automatically deducted if the student misses any classes due to any reasons
  • For a scheduled class to be missed, we must be informed at least 24 hours in advance within Monday to Friday and in writing so that we can schedule the make-up or the private catch-up class
  • A maximum of two make-ups may be made per every 8 lessons or per term, regardless of the reason for the make-ups
  • Make-up classes must be taken within the pre-paid term and cannot be carried over to the next term
  • If our available dates for the make-up lessons do not match the student’s availability, we cannot guarantee a replacement class. We are sorry that no further arrangement will be made once rescheduling or make-up class has been confirmed
  • Please note the missed classes and make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fees for the following term
  • For students enroll in the short-term course or holiday workshops, we regret no make-up classes are offered for any missed classes


  • All lesson enquiries and bookings should be made through our administrative staff rather than our teachers. Teachers are only responsible for academic matters and their teaching schedules
  • Our operations hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday in time zone GMT+8:00. Tuition can be provided outside these hours at special request.
  • Beijing Mandarin is closed only on the public holidays stated in the calendar of Hong Kong unless the written notice announced. Under urgent circumstance, you may always phone us at 2865 1660 or 9344 9631 for immediate assistance
  • Special course or the feature program may be conducted during Christmas; Chinese New Year and Easter Holidays. Please feel free to contact us for details or for your own specific needs


  • We do not hold classes when the warnings for black rain or typhoon signal number 8 or higher have been raised. Classes will resume two hours after the warnings have been lifted
  • We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes for these enforced closures or other acts of nature beyond our control


  • Beijing Mandarin is closed only on all public holidays stated in calendar of Hong Kong unless the written notice announced. If one of the classes in the term is unavailable due to a public holiday, this class may be made up anytime during the payment term. Please arrange with us in advance
  • Special courses or feature program may be conducted during Christmas; Chinese New Year and Easter Holidays. Please contact us for further details

Class time, pick up, and drop ofF

  • Students may enter the centres 5 minutes before the class starts, and should be collected on time
  • Adult escortor can stay in the waiting area and wait for the child while remaining silence.


  • Students are generally not permitted to eat in class, as food provides a distraction to others and may be dangerous if certain students are allergic to the food being consumed. A bottle of water could be carried into the class
  • Snacks may be provided to young students in our centres if necessary. Please advise us concerning food allergies or dietary restriction for your children, if any.


  • Images, videos and/or sound recordings of students and their work are the property of Beijing Mandarin. We reserve the right to use above mentioned for teacher training, curriculum development, and/or our own publication purposes, unless we are given any instructions in written
  • We reserve the right to dispose of or use any students’ work not collected within one month from the last class attended


  • We reserve the right to replace instructors and reschedule the course. After students stop attending lessons in Beijing Mandarin, within a year, students or parents should not employ directly or indirectly our current teachers or teachers that have left us no more than 6 months. Beijing Mandarin and its teachers are in agreement with this
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Beijing Mandarin. For any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us at (852)2865 1660 or email us at

Wish you having a good time with us. Thank you!