Customized Tuition

Besides of the Stem Pipeline Program we offer Customized Program around your child. Every student's learning characteristic is different, especially in learning Chinese language, and as well in different age group.

The tailor-made courses provide extensive training and practice in respective areas, with additional focus on cultural content, which is essential for studying at international schools in Hong Kong or abroad.

The customized tuition can be arranged both online and/or on site in our local learning centre.


Assessment, Briefing & Trial Class

Evaluate your child, learn about our program, learn how we customize program for your child
and experience a lesson for free.

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Online Classes

With online studying, you can learn effectively even if you are staying at home or studying overseas. BM’s online lessons allow you to connect with an experienced teacher for private lessons and small group tuition to help you master drilling tactics or provide regular training. You can now stay home and thrive in exams!​

Why Choose BM’s online lessons:

Learn like you’re in a face-to-face class

Interactive learning with classmates and teacher

Flexible learning schedule

Onsite Lessons

Get the most from our customised one-on-one tutoring

Beijing Mandarin provides tailored one-on-one lessons, which are delivered by our highly experienced and soft-spoken native Chinese teachers.

Students will receive regular feedback and progress reports, highlighting areas for improvement. Lessons will utilize exclusive materials and drilling papers written up by our academic team.

The benefits of Private Lessons:

Customized lessons

More time and attention focused on individual needs

Increase your child’s confidence

Flexible and convenient

Exclusive learning materials

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School Work Tuition

1. General tuition to support lower primary students
2. Comprehensive tuition to support higher level of Chinese

Advanced Chinese

This program sets as native-like Chinese course which means the program are for those students who take Chinese as their mother tongue.

Intl Chinese Exams Preparation

As specializing in Chinese subject since 1992 we are passionate about teaching Chinese language and culture. We have been studying the major international Chinese examinations. And we keep close attention to the changes that the examinations board have made. Our expertise in international exams and well organized syllabuses puts us at the forefront of successful student exam preparation.