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- My Smart Chinese

This is a carefully designed Chinese course for early teenagers. It is suggested that children with no Mandarin background should go through the step-stone courses My Fun Chinese (for non-native speakers), Inquiry of Chinese (for near-native speakers) or workshops such as Chinese Language Kickoff, Daily Chinese Q&A or Chinese Phonetic, and so on before they sign up for the My Smart Chinese course.

1. My Smart Chinese
The course starts with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning. The class will be taught under the SREM theory and methodology. All sorts of teaching and learning aids and interactive activities for young teen learners will enrich Chinese language learning. Theme-related text, fun stories, arts & crafts, and the total physical response approaches will be fully applied to enhance the class’s performance. Chinese Writing Starting will be introduced at a later stage in the course, such as Describing pictures in speaking and writing, memo, short email and stories, and so on. The MSC course is head for the international Chinese examination course like I/GCSE, SAT, and so on

2. My Smart Chinese – Beyond
Picture4The course will be more sophisticated for in-depth language learning and intercultural understanding. Chinese Writing Sliding will be along with the course, such as free and creative writing, reflection, and so on. The MSC-beyond course is head for the Higher International Chinese examination like AP, IBDP, and so on

Theme materials and supplementary
BM self-designed teaching and learning range will be used as the theme of teaching materials. Meanwhile, our teaching team constantly gets all sorts of references and past papers from our rich library, other well-known publishers, and institutes for the related materials so that we can keep our courses at a good standard of performance.

Tips & advice for Parents:
At this stage, the most important is the learner’s self-discipline. As parents, your close attention to your child’s learning process and the progress will be very helpful and awarding. We would suggest parents do the following.

  • Warmly and firmly remind your kid’s responsibility for finishing the assignment
  • Check with the teacher so that you can be connected with what your kid learning
  • Advice the teacher what your kid’s response, comment, or feedback for the class
  • Advice or comment for the on-going program and the periodical report

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