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Teacher Training

From 6-Root-Stroke to Leveled Chinese Reading

by beijing October 16, 2020

Workshop at the 2016 CLTFA National Conference by Laura Wang 

2016 CLTFA教学工作坊 

New learning pathway: From Chinese Character Recognition to Reading Chinese Storybooks. 


Engaging young learners in Chinese written format and teaching them how to acquire Chinese reading comprehension ability have always been a huge task and a quite journey for teachers of Chinese language. 


It is a myth that one can acquire Chinese language simply by means of learning as many characters as possible. This is because simply learning characters alone doesn’t amount to understanding the context of phrases or sentences although it costs students much of valuable learning time for acquiring Chinese as their second language. 


The session will address this particular learning and teaching method for the written Chinese acquisition pathway. Starting in a light and easy manner “Chinese Character Alphabet”, then puzzle-up drilling STEM radicals and characters and STEM characters’ applications, then Leap Jumping to an extensive and connective reading ability range focuses on Graded Reading and overall comprehension of Chinese language. 


Attendees will be presented with an entire learning pathway through plenty of worksheets and graded story booklets. The materials can be brought into participants’ classrooms directly to enable learners from Pre-K to grade 9 to acquire and enhance their Chinese reading capability in a fun, structured, and systematic learning process.