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Chinese Character Alphabet – Make young learners’ Chinese an easier start

by beijing October 16, 2020

Chinese Character Alphabet, we proudly introduce it to you. 

People say that the Chinese language has no alphabet that learning Chinese is a very difficult task for a foreigner. Here we say: There are two Chinese language systems that are independent of each other made up of the Chinese language. One is made up of the speaking of Chinese, and the other one is made up of the writing of Chinese. People can make use of these two systems to get along with the Chinese language. 


We say the speaking of Chinese is made up of the alphabet that adopts the 26 English letters, called Romanized Hanyu Pinyin (Pinyin in short form). The writing of Chinese is made up of 6 simple drawings and their transforming drawing called strokes which made up of Chinese characters. So we say: these 6 simple strokes and their transformed strokes consist of the alphabet for the written Chinese – Chinese Character Alphabet. 


Each Chinese character is pronounced in sole-syllable in Pin-Yin. People can start with Pin-Yin (alphabet for Chinese speaking) to learn how to speak Chinese. Meanwhile, people can start with Chinese Character Alphabet to learn how to write Chinese. Which means people can learn Chinese speaking and Chinese writing separately for their need.