General Information

We commit to do good Chinese program. We actively pursue quality of Chinese instruction

Our Method & Approach

For Learning Content and Instruction: We use an innovative methodology called SREM© and comply with the Inquiry-based, Total Physical Response and thematic connectivity to teach Chinese language for a fun and systematic process.

Our Process for Tuition Delivery: Assessing > Step-stone stetting > Structured developing > Goal getting

Our Enhanced Program

Our program and curriculum are for Chinese language education in which pipelines for grades K-12


1. Young Learner Chinese Pipeline Program

45 – 75 mins class
1. Baby First Chinese
45 mins – 1.5 hours class
for ages 2-4
2. My Fun Chinese for pre-K and primary 1-2, ages 4-8
3. My Smart Chinese for primary 3 to 6, ages 8.5-12
4. Int’l Exam Prep course for middles school students, ages 12-16

Assessment, placement and replacement required for entry of the program

Class frequency for the regular pipelined program
Once a week for core content and step by step learning
Twice or more times a week for richer, wider and higher level learning
Students have no other learning resources are strongly recommended to take class twice a week

2. Customized Program / School Work Tuition / Chinese Examinations Courses

1. 45 mins – 1.5hrs class for lower primary Chinese tuition and/or tailor-made tuition
2. 1.5 – 3hrs class for comprehensive Chinese learning and/or Chinese exam preparation
3. Convenient Punch Card 10 times for a 45 mins-Instant Private Tuition. Tuition upon appointments

3. Features Course & Workshop

1.5 hours or 2 1/4 hours class

1. Chinese Phonetics – Pinyin (CPP) 6 classes
2. Daily Chinese Q & A (DCQA) 12 classes
3. Master Chinese Characters (MCC) 12 classes
4. Chinese Reading Comprehension (CRC) 12 classes
5. Go Go Grammar (GGG) 12 classes
6. Chinese Essay Starting (CES1) >>>>

Chinese Essay Sliding (CES2)

12 classes

12 classes

7. Chinese Exams Preparations (CEP) 12 classes, AP II, GCSE, IGCSE, or IBDP
8. Chinese Language Kickoff (CLK) 12 classes, for ages 8-15 total beginners
9. Survival Mandarin Chinese (SMC) 12 classes, for ages 16+ total beginners
10. Surf China Kickoff (SCK) 12 classes, for ages 16+ total beginners

More feature courses and workshops are available for the specific areas of learning
For those who have special leaning need or requirement for career development or personal pleasure we assure that a customized program can be provided. Please feel free to talk to us.

Our Tuition

Grade-level for Chinese language education K-12, allocated in 3 streams for the 2nd language, near natives and natives’ Chinese learning respectively.

Class Placement

All our classes are grouped by students’ age and Chinese level. And students are allocated in 3 streams for the 2nd language, near natives and natives learning

Entry placement in the grade-level for Chinese language education for K-12 Replacement can be executed based on the student’s performance and the teacher’s opinion.

Assessment and/or Trial Lesson will be scheduled for the entry placement or replacement.

Class Mode & Attend Class

To meet our students’ diversity in Chinese language learning capacity, needs, time preference. To keep a good learning progress, all Beijing Mandarin classes are mini group sized for 2-5 students or one-on-one private class. We nurture students’ confidence for Chinese language ability with essential materials and well-structured instruction. For making the program successful, we request the attendance must be reach at 90% or above

Teaching Resources

We assign the suitable stem textbooks and the learning materials as we aware the different learners’ capacities for the learning workload. The stem textbooks are the publications from Beijing Mandarin and other well-known publisher worldwide. Our self-produced learning materials are supplementary to the program and the tailor-made learning materials are for the specific students’ need

Homework/Assignment, Quiz/Exam & How Parent could Help

Normally homework will be assigned after the classes for student 4 years old or above. The supervision from parents or helpers is highly encouraged as it can influence the child to make better progress. Test or challenge what your child learnt would be discouraged. Quiz and periodical exams will be arranged for student 5 years old or above. The performance for the assignment and the exam are the important materials for the tuition’s execution and the learning process

Certificate Test: Young Learners Chinese (YLC) for ages 6-12

Starter (6+), Mover (8+) and Achiever (9+)

Report, Certificates & Reference Letter

The students’ progress reports are for parents’ supervision on our teaching and their child’s learning. They are distributed in mid of April, July and Dec for a student who attend 8 or above classes during the academic period. The teaching plan for the following term is also present for comment at the lower part of the report. The certificate will be issued upon the completion of the course. The reference letter will be issued upon the student’s request.

Means for Class

Means for Class

1. Hong Kong based learning centres
Wanchai Head Centre: Rm 1102, 11/F., Methodist House, 36 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, H.K.

Chung Hom Kok Branch Centre: G/F., Dairy Farm Shopping Ctr., 39 Chung Hom Kok Rd., Repulsebay, H.K.

2. WebClass Live for oversea students

3. China Immersion Program in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing and more cities

Schedules & Fees

For YLC Chinese Pipelines Program: invoiced monthly or termly prepaid
For school work tuition / Exams Prep / Customized Program: invoiced monthly or packaged prepaid
For feature courses & workshops: invoiced for the entire course or workshop prepaid

Our Teachers Qualifications

All our teachers are native-fluent, well-trained and possess a minimum of a university degree

They work full time with Beijing Mandarin. And they are friendly, experienced and dedicated professionals for Chinese education instruction. On top of that, BM teaching force remains its tradition for the teaching study and job training weekly basis for keeping them updated