Chinese Acquisition

Chinese Acquisition Curves vs. BM Chinese Learning Pipelines

Learners’ Chinese Acquisition curves vary which depend on not only the program quality, the class frequency and learners performance to the learning contents, but also vary depend on the student’s native language, family background, and the target language influenced from the community. All make students possess of very different Chinese learning capacities for the Chinese Acquisition process




BM Chinese Learning Pipelines reinforce and facility the learners’ Chinese learning capacities. We have determined to make whatever effort we could in programing the proper curriculum, program instruction and rubrics that meet well the target learner group their learning objectives, and meet their long term Chinese learning


For 2nd Language Learning Capacity Area (2nd L)

The course is mainly for students who take Chinese as their 2nd language. The curricula emphasizes Chinese language communication skill with the functional reading and writing skills. Students will be able to achieve a good result in the international Chinese examinations such as SAT, I/GCSE, A-Level, A2, AP and IBDP etc. within Language B standard or higher, as well get more closer experience to Chinese cultural in life


For Near-native Language Learning Capacity Area (NNL)

The course is mainly for students with previous personal or family exposure and/or experience in Chinese language. Student has some basic knowledge and foundation of Chinese, especially in oral communication. The curriculum will focus on achieving a good result of those international exams, and introduce all aspects of Chinese life and culture in reading and writing aspects


For Native Language Learning Capacity Area (NL)

Stream 4 is mainly for students who are native Chinese speaker. The curriculum will focus on reading and writing and to be equivalent to China national standard of Chinese education